Horizon Fitness T101-3 Treadmill 2012 Model Review

Horizon Fitness T101-3 Treadmill (2012 Model)

One of the best benefits to the Horizon Fitness T101-3 Treadmill is that you will find you are getting a treadmill that is of equal quality to the ones at the local gym.

If you are in the mood to work at getting in shape, the Horizon Fitness has the necessary features on it to ensure that you will be able to get into shape quickly.

Product Features

1. Folding treadmill
2. 2.25HP Motor
3. Quiet Operation
4. Nine programs with distance, time, calories, workout manual, intervals, and weight loss
5. Pulse grip heart rate monitoring
6. Surround sound speakers with MP3 capability
7. 300 pound maximum weight limit
8. Lifetime warranty on frame and motor
9. One year on parts and labor

Product Details

1. Product Dimensions: 70” x 33” x 55”
2. Shipping Weight: 180 pounds

Final Analysis

The biggest problem that most people have with their at-home treadmills are that they do not seem to have the durability feel and the features that other treadmills have that you would find at the local gym. With this one, I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

The Horizon Fitness T101-3 Treadmill has virtually everything you might want on a treadmill, and you do not have to get in you car and drive somewhere or walk a long distance to use it.

There really is no huge downside to this treadmill. If I had to give it a little bit of a downside I would say it is not as quiet as I would have liked. The motor is relatively quiet, but it in the feature list it made note of how quiet the treadmill was. It doesn’t squeak or anything, but I certainly would not be able to run on it while a baby was trying to sleep in the same room either. Overall though, a great treadmill for the price!

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3 Comments on "Horizon Fitness T101-3 Treadmill 2012 Model Review"

  1. The free delivery of this treadmill from Amazon is just outstanding and great. As the box is quite heavy it is recommended to open it where you want to assemble and use it. If you are just by yourself, it will take a while to assembly it.

    It is a lot faster and easier of you have an assistant to help you with it. Use the supplied silicone to lubricate the tread belt. It is a great machine and I love to use it. I just can’t find any fault with this treadmill, as it is fully functional, stable and quiet. Without any doubts, this treadmill is definitely a very good buy and I am sure that it will last a long time.

    Michael, New York

  2. The package with the machine is rather heavy, so if you want to move it upstairs, make sure you have an assistant. I managed to assemble it in almost no time at all, as there are clear instructions and all the needed tools are provided. It is recommended to open the package only when it is where you want to use it.

    Once the box is opened, the feet on the machine will pop up automatically. It is quite easy to move around the treadmill, s it has wheels on the bottom. I have started to use the machine and so far I am fully pleased with it. It has several options, including multiple options, it inclines, it has reasonably loud speakers and it also has a cable for smart phones.

    George, San Francisco

  3. I have searched the internet for a reasonably priced treadmill and this is the model I have settled on. It is an excellent treadmill and in terms of performance it is similar to the one I use in the gym. Overall, I am perfectly happy with this machine. It has a heavy and solid frame and the entire machine is a stable one, without any shakings.

    The machine has wheels and thus, it is very easy to move it around. It also includes a folding options; I love the fact that it folds down slowly, so there are no injury risks. You can also listen to music on an mp3 player or on your smart phone while you use the machine, as it includes a cable to attach the phone to the speaker. The included instructions are well written and are indeed very useful.

    Brett, Las Vegas

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