Paradigm Fitness Walking Electric Treadmill Review

Paradigm Fitness Walking Electric Treadmill

Are you under a budget but want to get into shape? Are you looking for a long term solution to losing weight?

The Paradigm Fitness Walking Electric Treadmill is a good treadmill that is really lower priced than the vast majority of treadmills on the market.

It has several great features making it an up to date piece of workout equipment, but at the same time keeps the bells and whistles to a minimum so that the price will be much lower.

Product Features:

  1. 4 miles per hour maximum speed, designed for walking
  2. 1.5HP motor with reliable performance
  3. Wide side rails
  4. Folds nicely for easy storage
  5. LCD with time, distance, calories burned, and speed for quick and easy reference
  6. Sturdy enough for larger people – 350 pounds maximum
  7. 1 year frame warranty and 5 year motor warranty

Product Details:

  1. Product Dimensions: 47” x 29” x 51” / 110 pounds
  2. Shipping Weight: 111.2 pounds

Final Analysis

There are several great factors to the Paradigm Fitness Walking Electric Treadmill. It has all of the necessary features on it that make it an up to date piece of machinery. You have your calorie counter, your speed, your time, etc. All of this is pertinent information for most people to see how they are progressing in their workout routines.

The best part about this is probably its price. This treadmill is not going to break the bank. For around $300, you will find that the Paradigm Fitness Treadmill is going to save you money in the long run if you intend on using it on a regular basis.

The only downside that I am aware of for the Paradigm Fitness Walking Treadmill is that it seems to have a faulty restarting system if you are forced to use the kill switch. Most people have to perform the manual restart provided in the directions multiple times before it will start working again.

However, it could be that the directions were not entirely followed and it seems everyone who used the kill switch did figure out how to get it going again. For most of us, we will never have to use the manual kill switch. The off button is sufficient.

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