Sole F63 Treadmill 2011 Model Review

Sole F63 Treadmill 2011 Model

The Sole F63 treadmill is the perfect machine for entry level walkers and joggers. Packed with the reputation and warranty associated with Sole, this treadmill provides good value for money because it has several features that are normally associated with high end and more expensive models. Its user-friendliness also makes it a good choice for beginners.

Product Features

  1. Comes with a powerful 2.5hp DC continuous duty motor.
  2. Supports a speed of up to 10mph.
  3. Comes with a phenolic deck support that cushions the effect of walking and jogging on the joints.
  4. Has a 2 ply thick belt for extra support, rollers for easy movement and a folding assistant feature.
  5. Comes with 6 standard programs, 2 user-controlled programs and can support a weight of up to 147kg (about 325lbs)
  6. Comes with a 6.5” LCD display screen.

Product Details

  1. Product dimensions: 81” x 36” x 17”.
  2. Shipping weight: 114.3 kg (252 pounds).
  3. Shipped only within the United States except to Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico.
  4. Not shipped to APO (Army Post Office) and FPO (Navy Fleet Post Office).

Final Analysis

One of the first things you’ll appreciate about the Sole F63 treadmill is its silent operation; it hardly makes any noise compared to other models except maybe the F80. It has a solid all-steel frame and a sturdy incline in addition to a heavy flywheel, comparable to what you’ll find in a standard gym.

While this product is not perfect, it’s definitely one of the best in its category especially at the relatively bargain price it goes for. A word of advice: you should probably request for delivery because this treadmill is very heavy.

The absence of heart rate control is also a minus but it comes with inbuilt speakers where you can plug in your mp3 player or iPod.

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